About us

We are a small family business based in Preston Lancashire, who collect things like pallets, horseshoes, oil drums etc, then re-work them into other things.

 Actually we began by chance, just by making a menu stand out of knives and forks. People at work and church started to ask if we could do other stuff, and so it grew from there !!!

Often we scour car boot sales to see what we can pick up, and see what has been left lying on the side of the road whilst out and about.

In addition, we will do little domestic welding jobs like fixing up trailer frames or your garden bench, but our real passion is upcycling.

We have a strong faith in Jesus Christ which is our motivational factor and enjoy all that our God does and provides for us.

So if you fancy anything making, big or small, just drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

God bless